Brydon Cruise bio photo
Brydon Cruise
Board Member

Brydon spent 25 years in the investment banking business with the opportunity to travel and see the world. One of the outcomes was seeing, first hand, needs in the world and the struggles people have to sustain, to survive and progress. Giving back became important and supporting many charities over the years has been an exciting and fulfilling part of his journey.  He was the Vice-Chair of the Board for YMCA Greater Toronto Area for 6 years, Chair of The Toronto Real Estate Ride for JDRF for five years and has been a Top Fundraiser for Coast to Coast - Tour for Kids for the past nine years.  By far, the most rewarding endeavour is being a part of the founding team of Tecasy Ranch.  “The people we can help and programs we can deliver are endless. We have the opportunity and possibly the duty to help others - and we will.”

Brydon’s love for and commitment to Tecasy Ranch has an off shoot benefit for him, as it has inspired spending more enriching time with his wife, the other board members and a large group of volunteers. To Brydon, being in the trees surrounded by rocks, animals and all of nature’s beauty is simply magic.