Nurtured Through Nature

Nurtured Through Nature

POSITIVE IMPACT is our guiding principle and sharing Tecasy Ranch with you is our goal. Offering a treasure trove of precious opportunities for people of all ages to be nurtured through nature. Tecasy Ranch is a safe, accepting space, inherently geared to allow for unencumbered possibilities.


  • Thank you to everyone at Tecasy Ranch for helping us plan the perfect winter gathering for our family and friends.   Snowshoeing through the trees at Tecasy was magical and we look forward to doing it again next year!

    - JF
  • “It felt good to do something outside of my comfort zone, something that scared me a little but also something that challenged me and made me feel alive.  I enjoyed the camaraderie and the very relaxed atmosphere.  Tecasy Ranch is a warm and welcoming place for all ages and stages of capability.  Both the advanced and less experienced riders can find plenty of terrain to explore.  I had so much fun both on and off the trails!” - MD

  • As leaders, our goal is to get today's youth outdoors and appreciate the value of our environment and its importance to wellbeing. The availability of affordable outdoor space that can accommodate large units like ours is becoming scarce and we struggle to find ideal locations.  Thanks to Tecasy Ranch, the property was a perfect fit for our year-end camp weekend! The Ranch provided us with large open spaces for games and team building, trails for exploration and skill development and campfires for sing-a-longs and s'mores.  Everyone had an amazing time and we look forward to many more adventures!

Amy Bickmore