Words cannot begin to describe the breathtaking, incredible wedding experience Andrew and I shared at Tecasy Ranch with all of our family and friends. From the moment we stepped on the property we were in awe of the Ranch’s uniqueness – Woodland cottage for the bridal party, the forest amphitheater for the ceremony, untouched forest for pictures; wedding reception under the stars and on-site cabin accommodations for our guests to name a few. Living 2.5 hours away from the venue posed some unique challenges for both of us, but the folks at Tecasy Ranch were there to assist us in the planning process and make sure that everything ran smoothly on the big day. Andrew and I are both so appreciative of all the support we received. Our wedding was beyond perfect and something that we will cherish for a lifetime. Thank you!! Thank You!! Thank You!!

Wedding - Shannon and Andrew Sedman
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Shannon and Andrew Sedman
February 2020

“It felt good to do something outside of my comfort zone, something that scared me a little but also something that challenged me and made me feel alive.  I enjoyed the camaraderie and the very relaxed atmosphere.  Tecasy Ranch is a warm and welcoming place for all ages and stages of capability.  Both the advanced and less experienced riders can find plenty of terrain to explore.  I had so much fun both on and off the trails!” - MD

- From KTTFK event (2017)
April 2020